Surrendering the HOW

May 2004

by Camille Sanzone

(The Sicilian Dr. Seuss?)


“Surrendering the HOW”


Surrendering the HOW

sounds like an easy task,
not too much to ask.
Surrendering the HOW…
but can I do it NOW?


I am THAT I am,

a part of the Great I AM,

and I think I can…
surrender the HOW, that is,
…if it’s not a scam.


Would you like to?
Are you psyched too?
Do you want to surrender the HOW?

Let’s take a look, friend.
Noses out of books then,

and find the place of WOW.

WOW, the capital of OZ,
I wouldn’t lie; it was.
Stands for World of Wonder!
Bolts of lightening…please!
Now the sound of thunder!
WOW is where all the HOWS,
once surrendered, live.
It is the safe space where we self forgive.

Are you interested in
surrendering the HOW?
It would mean less worry,
less having to hurry,
and less being sorry.
I do not like to worry.

I do not like being sorry.

“But I want to know how
things could possibly work out!”
I hear you jump and shout:

OK. I would like some too.

CLOUT, that is.
I do not need to be a wiz,

but I would like some clout, and not a little,

for having just a piddle,
would be like playing a fiddle
while Rome burns…yada yada…
and will not help me solve the riddle.

What riddle?
Surrendering the HOW, of course.
For while it sounds like giving up,
it is a veritable Living Cup,
the proverbial knight on valiant white horse.

“Surrender the HOW?” you say.
“I am not a quitter,
just a dream sitter,
waiting for them to hatch.”
Is it so hard giving up the struggle,

or is it admitting you are a Muggle?
Ah, therein lies the catch!

I want some Harry Potter magic!
Get rid of all life’s static,
have all things democratic;
but I would not,

I could not

wave a magic wand
and all my cares be gone.
You might say, “I would like it,”

but you would soon see

you would miss having the satisfaction,
the sense of responsibility.

For while we say

 we would like all our problems solved,
and, at that, in a jiffy,
the thought of losing all the glory
of telling our own little story

sounds just a wee bit iffy.


Surrendering the HOW
is not selling out the sacred COW!

It is saying…I trust
because I must
or I will ever be in the dark.
And being in the dark
is no picnic in the park.
In fact, I would say it’s rather stark.

I want multi-colored socks,
I want to out-sly the clever fox.
I want to live outside the box.
I want to hop on a train of thought
and not have it be for naught.

Surrendering the HOW…

Ah! I get it now.
Do my thing.
Don’t forget to sing.
Take out life’s sting
by removing fear and doubt.
Know that no matter what I see,
the best is yet to be,
and that a higher power
has it all figured out.


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